Things that happen. When you live.

Welcome to my photo blog. My name is Paul and I like taking pictures. Semi professional, full enthusiast. Scrolling down this page, you will find people, cars, buildings, food, streets, shadows and lights. If you want to contact me for any kind of inquiry, feel free to slide in my emails: paul.pflaesterer(at)

Mannheim, March 2020

Tommy, Mannheim, March 2020

Weinheim, March 2020

Weinheim, March 2020

„Funkysefo“, Hemsbach, March 2020

Parkdeck, March 2020

Mannheim, January 2020

Weinheim, Summer 2019

Weinheim, Febraury 2020

Weinheim, February 2020

Munich, March 2020

Viernheim, October 2019

Mannheim, February 2020

Frankfurt am Main, January 2020

Mannheim, November 2019

Mannheim, 2019

South Tyrol, October 2019

Wiesbaden, 2019

Evje, Norway, Summer 2019

Heidelberg, Summer 2019

Mannheim, Summer 2019

Grasellenbach, Summer 2019

South Tyrol, 2019

Hakims BBQ, Heidelberg 2019

Tre Cime, Italy 2019

Weinheim, 2019

Zugspitze, 2018

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